Our expectations for talents: honesty, hard work, learning, and development

Our Responsibility for Talent: Achieve its Value

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Job requirements

3 foreign trade business

job requirements:

1. College degree, undergraduate degree, no limitation on majors (graduate students, those with 1`2 years of work experience are preferred);

2. Good English in listening, speaking, reading and writing, fluent in spoken English, and pass the English major level 8 (including the national level 6) are preferred;

3. Have the thinking and ability of market expansion (those with art and e-commerce work experience are preferred);

Job Responsibilities:

1. Learn about company products and services;

2. Develop the target market and complete the sales tasks specified by the company;

3. Send and receive inquiry and quotation, maintain daily business communication with customers, and serve customers well;

Salary package

1. Basic salary + commission + benefits (annual travel, holiday expenses, dinner expenses)

2. The company purchases social insurance (5 insurances)

3. Annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave, etc.